Lower Your GOLF Score NOW! Guaranteed to quickly cut at least 2 to 6 strokes off your handicap

‘Mental Toughness for Sensational Golf’

A ONE-DAY introductory event for players of all abilities

Why you should book NOW to attend this unique event:

  • Improve - Your mind game, performance & enjoyment
  • Develop - More confidence, concentration & consistency
  • Overcome - First tee nerves, anxiety, yips, choking, frustration & anger
  • Increase - Power, distance & accuracy
  • Visualise - Shots in your "minds-eye" correctly
  • Learn - Amateur version of Tiger Woods’ preshot routine
  • Experience - How to play your shots "in-the-moment"
  • Secrets - Discover what top PGA tour pro’s don’t want you to know & why
  • Remove - The bunkers in your mind and play to your full potential
  • Instructor - Has coached some of the world’s top 100 PGA tour pro’s

For more details and information about the event: You can review a brochure telling you more about this exciting one-day event, as well as read a few player’s comments about our individual and group coaching events, and in addition see a short profile of your instructor if you wish.

Diary Dates, Venues, Fees (per person) and Booking
  Windlesham GC, Surrey (Off M3/M25)    
  Early booking (25% off) (pay by 21/4/07) 99 + VAT (116.33)
  Bring along friend/s discount (extra 10% off) 89 + VAT (104.58)
  Regular booking fee 129 + VAT (157.56)
  Bring along friend/s discount (extra 10% off) 115 + VAT (135.13)
Early booking is strongly advised because numbers are strictly limited. Please choose the event date and location you want to book. Then select your booking fee option (click for details of (early booking discount and bringing along friends) as well as booking conditions). Prior to attending we recommend you read and/or make a copy of the joining instructions since this notice contains details of the starting and finish times, refreshments, dress code and other important information for the day.

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Buy as a birthday, Christmas or anniversary present or as an award for achievement.

Forthcoming dates and venues for 2007
Additional dates and venues will be scheduled throughout 2007. We recommend you bookmark this page on your browser and regularly revisit this web page to check for forthcoming events. In addition we shall be announcing a new book launch during 2007 provisionally entitled ‘Matt and Buzz on . . . Mental Toughness for Sensational Golf’ (click here for the free draft chapter PDF download) and the exciting two-day "halve-your-handicap" event during this year.

Why this event is worth at least 299 or even 499 yet only costs 99+VAT!
If fact some people (who know something about these things) think this workshop is worth at least 499 for the quality of practical ideas, techniques and skills players will learn. Many of the simple and easy to master yet powerful tools are designed to not only improve your next game, but are continuous playing improvements for life! As you can see we are not charging 499, or even 299, but a fraction of its true value at ONLY 99+VAT. The reason is we want as many players as possible to benefit from these exciting and amazing skills. So book now and discover for yourself why this event is worth a great deal more than you are paying for it.

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