2007 Programme

Thursday 11th October 2007 (book now)
Networking raising your profile by identifying, building and nurturing key relationships

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Programme Modules
The following proven topics have been presented over the past few years and will be updated and represented at future Day events

Accelerated Learning How to make learning anything in business effortless and more thorough, enjoyable and quicker (#17B)

Successful Goal Focus and Achievement Gaining clarity, boosting motivation and driving commitment to achieve challenging goals. And then doing it all again! (#17A)

Body Language non-verbal skills for reading peoples minds, hidden agendas and real intentions (#16)

Empathy understanding others point of view by changing perspectives (#15B)

Emotional Management mastering your moods and feelings from bad to good and good to great (#15A)

Rapport building trust by connecting with many more people, more quickly, in different situations (#14B)

Motivation getting results by feeling compelled to do the important things you don’t want to do (#14A)

Stress Busters surviving and thriving as pressure builds relentlessly and things get on top of you (#13B)

Delegation building trust that is resilient and robust enough to deliver consistent results (#13A)

Influencing and Persuading the power of language in getting the performance and results you want (#12)

Stature and Presence creating gravitas with a more imposing aura, posture and self-image (#11)

Power and Politics - attain greater influence by being more politically astute (#10)

Creativity and Innovation a balanced process for imaginative yet practical dreaming, planning and evaluating (#9)

Values and Beliefs aligning your unconscious blueprint for success (#8)

Decision-Making overcoming indecisiveness to make faster, lower risk and better quality decisions (#7)

Coaching for Performance a powerful road map to expand your management style (#6)

Goal Focus setting, maintaining focus and commitment to achieve challenging goals(#4)

Helicopter View - create a practical, focused and empowering strategic big picture vision (#3)