One-on-One Executive Coaching

Outstanding performance, effective development,
faster change and proven results

With more than 12 years proven experience our unique one-to-one and group coaching work is highly effective in rapid development of individuals and teams. Covering the spectrum of behavioural competencies and business personality traits extraordinary results can be expected for turnaround of ‘valued but at risk’ underperforming executives, to accelerated emotional, behaviour and skills development, to closing PDP gaps quickly and facilitating rapid behaviour change in situations where senior and top executives understand what they need to change, learn or improve, and yet no matter how hard they try, are unable to change.

Proven 12 Year Track Record - Successfully coached many hundreds of senior and top executives, high potential leaders and professionals, in global and local blue chip and other firms, and some of the world’s top sports personalities.

Sustained Behaviour Changes - Are typically; step-change, accelerate learning, effective, fast, maintained over time, generative (learning-to-learn), progress is accurately measured, and it works as expected when applied back in the workplace. Case studies of measured behaviour changes for different types of coaching are available for review.

You Can Expect Exceptional Results - In changing or resolving; deeply engrained habits, closing behavioural competencies gaps, building stronger relationships, as well as developing valuable leadership, accelerated learning, advanced communications and change management skills.

All Behavioural Competencies We are experienced in dovetailing into, and closing performance or behaviour gaps, in any; psychometric test, personality profile, 360-degree feedback, competencies framework, key performance indicator, or personal development plan.

In-person face-to-face coaching available throughout the UK and Europe + other countries

Telephone coaching available world-wide

We have experience working with a wide range of different personalities, functions and levels, from: Chairman, CEOs, directors, VPs, general managers, HR directors and function heads, to high-potential (accelerated development or stalled fast-track) executives.