A Half-Day Introductory Skills-Builder Workshop on


How to quickly take your business communications, leadership and team-building skills to a new level

This unique event, for novices and experts alike, will show you how to help yourself and others accomplish step-changes in business and people performance, productivity and results

Why you should attend You will hear about next generation techniques and skills from a proven high-performance executive coaching expert who over the past 12 years has successfully coached some of today’s top business leaders (Chairmen, CEO’s, MD’s, VP’s, directors, senior managers, partners, high-potentials, HR specialists and other professionals), boards and top-teams, in blue chip and other firms, and some of the world’s top sports personalities.

What you will learn:
This event is based on the newly published book (and forthcoming CD) Matt and Buzz on: Coaching for High Performance and covers:

  • The relationship between coaching, mentoring, therapy and counselling
  • How to avoid getting mired in problems and move quickly towards finding practical solutions
  • How to set, maintain focus and achieve challenging goals
  • Understand how to quickly connect and build rapport with others
  • Experience some of the main tools in the 3G Performance Toolkit drawn from:
    • Listening and questioning - Communicating effectively with others
    • Inner-critic to inner-confidant - How to cultivate your self-talk to be a trusted and advisor
    • Reprogramming feelings and emotions - Taking control of states to feel more upbeat when you choose
    • Appreciating different points of view - Taking other’s point-of-view to develop empathy and learning
    • Creating new habits quickly - A practical remedy for creating new behaviours or skills
    • Values to drive success - developing your performance blueprint
    • Becoming your authentic self - raising your profile, impact and presence
    • Mental rehearsal as performance booster - Building repeatable memories of great experiences
  • The opportunity to self-assess your 3G Coaching skills development and approaches to migrating or leapfrogging from 1G Coaching to 3G Coaching

Organise an in-company event and each delegate gets a free book
When delates attend this event they all get a copy of the recently published book titled: Matt and Buzz on: Coaching for High Performance. You can read some sample chapters in a free PDF download or if you prefer you can buy online now or if you prefer you can buy online now.

About the presenter
David Norman is the creator of Matt and Buzz, and author of Matt and Buzz on: Coaching for High Performance. He is also a speaker, coach, writer, entrepreneur, trainer and consultant. David works mainly with business executives in global blue chip companies, and some of the worlds top sports personalities, to help them be the most successful at what they do. He has a background of corporate jobs, business strategy consulting and accelerated executive development.

The 2-day workshop
This intensive 2-day course has been designed to enable you to take your skills and knowledge to the next level beyond the day introductory event. This carefully structured practical programme will allow you to more fully develop the latest and most up-to-date coaching and mentoring skills

To arrange or organise an in-company event please Contact David Norman directly for more information.