A Two-Day Skills-Builder Workshop Intensive on


Learn step-by-step simple, proven and practical next generation coaching skills enabling you to excel as a business coach, manager-as-coach or self-coach

Mainstream professional opinion believes most business and people change is hard, difficult and takes a lot of time or is even impossible! Like everything else when you know how; sustained behaviour change, performance improvement and executive development can be simple, fast and effective (as well as safe, confidential and measurable!)!

Why you should attend This workshop is based on more than a decade of proven experience. Our unique and successful one-on-one and group coaching work is especially effective where you need to redress individual or team underperformance, make rapid behavior changes or seriously improve results against a backdrop of challenging objectives and goals.

You will practically experience, learn and master many next generation tools and techniques from a proven high-performance executive coaching expert who has successfully coached some of today’s top business leaders (Chairmen, CEO’s, MD’s, VP’s, directors, senior managers, partners, high-potentials, HR specialists and other professionals), boards and top-teams, in blue chip and other firms, and some of the world’s top sports personalities.

What you will learn:
This event is based on the newly published book (and forthcoming CD) Matt and Buzz on . . . Coaching for High Performance and covers:

  • The relationship between coaching, mentoring, therapy and counselling - Together with a description of some types or styles of coaching
  • Empowering beliefs for success - Core underpinnings include: whatever you can imagine you can do, to the key to changing others is changing yourself, a focus on solutions not problems, showing not telling, and measuring success to maintain focus and motivation
  • How do you prefer to think? - Thinking involves 5 different preferences - seeing pictures in the ‘minds-eye’, hearing in the ‘minds-ear’, feelings and sensations of emotions, as well as imagining smells and tastes
  • Connecting with others - Building rapport by matching body posture and movement, voice characteristics and keywords creating a trusting environment conductive to fast understanding and change
  • How to choose what you want - WIN goals dramatically increases the probability of success, by clarifying what is wanted, building evidence that is motivational and completion timeframes

Experience some of the main tools in the 3G Performance Toolkit drawn from:

  • Listening and questioning - Communicating effectively with others includes the use of ‘experience or sensory words’, how to avoid ‘don’t’, develop words that encourage ‘action’, how to handle ‘can’t’ and changing ‘meanings’
  • Inner-critic to inner-confidant - How to cultivate your self-talk, dialogue or chatter from an adversary that creates tension and hostility to a trusted and positive advisor and inner-friend
  • Reprogramming feelings and emotions - Taking control of emotions - Making moods feel upbeat when wanting to feel better about bad, unpleasant or stressful experiences, and making things feel great whenever wanting to feel even better about good or great experiences
  • Appreciating different points of view - Taking another’s point-of-view to develop empathy, learning and understanding and taking this perspective to modify an approach in dealing with difficult or challenging situations
  • Creating new habits quickly - A practical remedy for creating a new habit, behaviour or skill designed to work automatically and applied to virtually any situation
  • Values to drive success - Values are unconscious blueprints for performance and represent what is important to us. Hierarchies drive our behaviour, motivation, time allocation and actions, and exhibit a strong influence in determining the results we get
  • Becoming your authentic self - Since perception is projection it can be valuable to raise your profile, ensuring that all actions, feelings, behaviours and abilities are consistent with the newly created image
  • Mental rehearsal as performance booster - Building a memory bank of great experiences by editing bad or failed incidents into positive and empowering memories increases the probability of continuous improvement

This workshop will also measure your potential as a 3G coach using a self-perception profile questionnaire, as well as provide some migration guidelines for delegates interested in upskilling from more traditional coaching approaches or simply leapfrogging directly into 3G coaching.

Organise an in-company event and each delegate gets a free book
When delegates attend this event they all get a copy of the recently published book titled: Matt and Buzz on: Coaching for High Performance. You can read some sample chapters in a free PDF download or if you prefer you can buy online now or if you prefer you can buy online now.

About the presenter
David Norman is the creator of Matt and Buzz, and author of Matt and Buzz on . . . Coaching for High Performance. He is also a speaker, coach, writer, entrepreneur, trainer and consultant. David works mainly with business executives in global blue chip companies, and some of the worlds top sports personalities, to help them be the most successful at what they do. He has a background of corporate jobs, business strategy consulting and accelerated executive development.

To arrange or organise an in-company event please Contact David Norman directly for more information.