Fast-Trac Pathways to Leadership Development Programme

Learn More in 90 Minutes Than in a Whole Day. Inspirational Bite-Size Leadership Learning, Skills and Behaviour Change Trainings

Modules are easily digestible fast-track learning events available in a range of essential behavioural competencies and skills. At each morning meeting the Leadership Forum presents one inspirational 90 minute leadership module topic. This is followed by a group breakout session and ending with a shared experience plenary discussion.

They are designed to deliver many times the impact, in far less time, at a fraction of the cost of conventional leadership training, learning and development. The programme has a 6 year proven track record with regular morning events being held in London.

Designed to be short, succinct, punchy and fun. Events are ideal for short-attention span executives, managers and employees keen to improve their leadership performance, results and productivity. Or quickly close competencies or personal development plan gaps, and yet only be away from their desks and office for a short period of time.

Each event is carefully designed to demonstrate how it is possible to achieve immediate and often dramatic results in performance, change and productivity, as well showing the considerable potential for large time and cost savings.

More Leadership Skills, Learning and Behaviour Change in Less Time

Quick and Effortless Learning - A unique feature of each chosen leadership module topic is they are designed to be simple and quick to master, radically speeding up leadership, director and talent development, learning and transformation.

Practical Solutions for Success Based on many years of cutting-edge, applied leadership development and successful client applications. Designed to put you ahead of the game. There is also the opportunity to learn about the secret science behind director, talent and leadership success.

Inspirational Topics - Capabilities range from; decision-making to delegation, motivation to personal impact, influencing and persuading, conflict management to creativity and innovation, body language to power, and much more.

Compressing a Typical One-Day Conventional Training into 90 Minutes

Drawing on the latest advances in human capital development we have successfully compressed typical one-day (or more!) conventional trainings into sharply focused, yet entertaining and highly effective, practical 90 minute mental Workout. Designed to deliver quick, effective, measurable and sustainable results.

Huge time and cost savings - compared with conventional training, learning and development. Furthermore it dovetails quickly and easily into new or existing personal development plans, competencies frameworks and organisational initiatives. It also integrates the latest advances in human capital development, cognitive science, psychology research and accelerated learning.

Why you should book now - You will have the opportunity to learn valuable new skills, acquire leading-edge knowledge and hear about important new tools and techniques. You will be able to meet and network with other like-minded individuals from member and guests.

Programme Membership - is open to individuals and organisations
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Corporate Events
All modules are available to run in-company, go to: contact page.